Bi-weekly pick ups available in the Magic and Treasure Valleys.


A+ Ranch

A+ Ranch is a small, organic, family farm located in Richfield Idaho. Blessed with land, animals and wonderful wide-open spaces, we are able to produce quality meat products for our family and yours. A+ Ranch Animals are raised with nurturing hands, ensuring the highest animal welfare standards and premium feed produced by biologically active soils.

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Bill Pierce Farms

Located in Baker City, Oregon, Bill Pierce raises both cattle and sheep.  With a wealth of experience, Bill provides us with grass-fed, grass-finished lambs seasonally.  Bill doesn't use any vaccinations.

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Brown's Buffalo Ranch

Brown's Buffalo ranch is run by 3rd generation producers in Nyssa, Oregon.  They run bison on grass pastures whenever possible and finish them on a barley and hay ration when pastures run short.  The animals are administered a standard vaccination program (non mRNA).

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Flying Pig Farm

Flying Pig Farm has been raising high quality pork for nearly 40 years.  Located in Kuna, Idaho, Logan and his family take pride in the Berkshire pork they produce.

The pigs are fed a high quality grain mix (no added hormones or antibiotics) that is custom milled on farm.  They administer a standard vaccination protocol.

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Koehn Trout Farms

Koehn Trout Farms pride themselves in providing customers with the most wholesome, best tasting trout on the market today. After nearly 25 years in production, the pandemic hit, and we lost our market with the local processors. As a result, we got out our knives and began processing and marketing our own fish.

Today we offer fresh, clean trout raised in Idaho’s clear free flowing spring water near Buhl, Idaho. Our fish are raised without antibiotics, filleted by hand in small batches at the farm and immediately placed on ice for a taste that can’t be rivalled by larger companies.

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Kvichak Fish Company

Since 2003, Amanda and her family have been lucky to work in the Bristol Bay commercial fishery, first as cannery kids and deckhands and then establishing Kvichak Fish Co. In 2012, we began custom processing in our own facility where fishermen could bring their catch for us to cut, package and freeze for them. Located in Naknek-King Salmon, our business operates from May through July where we work around the clock meeting fishermen at dock and at the beach. 

Each fish is cut by hand, individually vacuum-sealed and flash frozen at -35 degrees below zero. A true blast freeze that maintains the highest level of quality in texture and flavor. 

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Peters Family Farm

Located in Jerome, Idaho, Peters Family Farm has been providing pesticide free produce to customers for almost a decade.  Bonnie has a love for locally produced food and grows the best fruits and vegetables in the Magic Valley.

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Red Star Ranch

Red Star Ranch is located along the Snake River canyon in south-central Idaho. The land was originally settled by our great-grandfather in the 1940’s. Today as 4th generation farmers, we are continually seeking innovative ways to improve and sustain the proud traditions of agriculture in our family. This search has led us to combine new technology with historical practices. On the farm you can find GPS technology and the latest strip-till implement running in a field next to livestock grazing on non-GMO cover crop pastures.

Today we maintain a herd of Angus cattle, a drove of pigs and seasonally a flock of pastured poultry.  We seek a combination of genetics that are a perfect fit for a low input system and thrive on our forage and grass pastures year-round. We do not use antibiotics and feed non-GMO, locally grown forage if pasture levels run low.

Cattle:  Our system relies on plentiful pasture and low stress to keep our animals healthy.  Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.  We administer one vaccine (modified live) to our breeding stock.  Our finishing steers do not receive any vaccinations.

Pigs:  Our pigs do not receive any vaccinations.  They are free to roam in a large enclosure and are fed a non-GMO, non-soy grain mix that we mill on our own farm.

Poultry:  Our poultry do not receive any vaccinations.  They are free to roam in a large enclosure and are fed a non-GMO, non-soy grain mix that we mill on our own farm.

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Two Teachers and a Chicken Farm

Nestled in the countryside of Eden, Idaho sits a small 4 acre farm.  Two school teachers (Frank and Debbie), two dogs, numerous pastured poultry and sheep look out over the beautiful mountain views.  The provide naturally fed poultry and quality eggs from happy birds on their small acreage.

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Wilson's Wild Salmon

Keith and Mandy Wilson make their home in Hailey, Idaho.  During the summer months, they return to Alaska's Bristol Bay.

The sustainably harvest salmon from the Kvichak River.  The select the highest quality sockeye salmon to bring back to Idaho.  The salmon is chilled, hand-filleted and flash frozen.

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