Bi-weekly pick ups available in the Magic and Treasure Valleys.


100% Grass-fed and 100% Grass-finished

Animals are fed a pasture-based diet their entire life. No grain is used as supplemental feed.  This gives them the enjoyment of free-roaming while adding nutrients and organic matter back to our lands.  If access to winter pasture becomes limited due to weather conditions, animals are fed a non-GMO hay.

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No Antibiotics/No Hormones

No antibiotics or hormones are used in the production of the livestock. We never want to see our animals suffer. If antibiotics are needed to treat a sick animal, the animal is tracked and pulled from production.

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non-GMO Feed

Pastures and supplemental grain are all non-GMO.

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Sustainably Caught

Sustainability is the driving force in Alaska’s fishing industry. A commitment to sustainable fishing practices requires time, resources, science-based research, and enforcement of rules. Indeed, all of those things are practiced and demonstrated both during the frenetic weeks of the Bristol Bay salmon run, as well as throughout the rest of the year, as data is compiled and analyzed.

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No mRNA Vaccines

A hot topic! Check the Producer page to see each producer's policy on vaccines. NO mRNA vaccines are used in the production of any of our meat products.

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Pesticide Free Produce

Fruits and vegetables produced on farms that emphasize rotations, diversity and other management practices rather than pesticides to control pests.

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