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Large Beef Box

Large Beef Box

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Formerly known as the 40 lb box, the Large Beef Box is a a curated selection of grass finished beef cuts to establish a well-stocked freezer for a variety of family meals or entertaining.

20 lbs Ground Beef (in 1 lb packages)

2 Ribeye (2 steaks come in each package)

2 NY Strip (2 steaks come in each package)

2 Top Sirloin (2 steaks come in each package)

2 Roasts:  Chuck, rump, sirloin tip or cross-rib.  

2 Stew Meat

2 Cube Steaks

Individual package weights will vary slightly.

Having a well-stocked freezer gives you peace of mind in preparing your family meals.  This box is designed to fill your freezer without over-whelming you with more than your family will eat.  High quality meat always available for your family...that is a win.