Bi-weekly pick ups available in the Magic and Treasure Valleys.
Half Pork

Half Pork


The full set of cuts from a half pork to fill your freezer.  Cuts may vary slightly by season.  

Weights are estimates and will vary by package.  Approximate total weight of the quarter is 80 lbs.

3-4 Pork Roasts

2 Small Cured Ham

24-28 Pork Chops (will include a selection of loin, rib and sirloin chops)

2 - 1/2 Rack of Spare Ribs

18-20 pkgs Breakfast Sausage

8-10 lbs Bacon

Shank and Hock

Pork Kabobs and Stir Fry meat may be included in a half pork.

Bulk purchases are a great way to stock your freezer at the very best price.  Have questions about the process?  Call us to talk about the cuts that you will receive.

Pork halves are pre-cut and we are not able to take custom cut instructions or modify or substitute the cuts that are included in the half.  If you are interested in a custom cut, please contact Krista (208) 751-9510.